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PicLyf Snap for iPhone and Android

We made these a few months ago: iPhone and Android apps for PicLyf. The iPhone version was made using Titanium Mobile while the Android version was made using good ol’ Java.

This was actually the first time I worked with Java. I learned the language as I went along with the project. I would say it wasn’t that hard to start working with it. That’s probably because it’s quite similar to ActionScript and C#, which I did a lot of before. I think I spent more time figuring out the Android platform than learning Java. The Android app was a quick (less than 2 weeks) project hence it’s still very bare. But it’s good enough to post pics to PicLyf.

We’re now working on improving these apps. We’re gonna do small quick updates for the Android app every now and then. The Android Market allows this so we’re abusing it :D For the iPhone app, we’re porting it to Objective-C for various technical reasons.

PicLyf Snap is available on the App Store and on the Android Market (market link).